1. According to Italian law art. 5 DL 185/1999, if the client is a physical person and not a commercial client and does not indicate a Vat number in the order, the client has the right to recede from the purchase contract for any reason, without giving any explanations and without penalty, except for the what is indicated in the following points 3 and 5.

2. To use the right to recede, the client must send a communication to Infancybaby within ten days of receipt of merchandise. The communication must be sent through registered mail with return receipt and sent to:

Via Vignariello 90,
80049 Somma Vesuviana (NA)

Otherwise by telegram or fax sent within 14 days of receipt of merchandise and followed by confirmation with registered mail with receipt confirmation within the following 48 hours. Once Infancybaby receives the communication of the right to recede, the customer service of Infancybaby will rapidly communicate to the client the instructions on how to return the merchandise that must be returned to Infancybaby within 10 days of authorization.
The merchandise must be returned fully, complete of all its parts and in the original packaging (bags and boxes),and enclosures, free from wear and use, and in good and clean condition and in respect to the following conditions 3 and 5.

The right to recede is ruled by the following conditions:

  • The right is applied toward the whole product purchased, and it is not possible to recede only for part of the product, for example software disks, parts and accessories, attachments etc..
  • The right cannot be applied to audio and video products or sealed software products including one attached to hardware products once open.
  • The purchased product must be returned in whole and in its original packaging, complete of all its parts and wrappings, manuals and documentation, accessories, cords etc.. In order to limit damage to the original packing, we recommend placing the items complete with original box inside another box to avoid damage to the original packaging, in any case it is prohibited to place adhesive labels or tape on the original box.
  • According to law the cost of returning the purchase is at the buyers expense, the cost of shipping to the client will not be reimbursed nor will any accessory expenses stipulated at time of purchase.
  • The shipping is under the entire responsibility of the buyer, when we receive the returned merchandise in our warehouse, we will give notice of receipt to the buyer.
  • In the case of any damage during transit, Infancybaby will give notice within 5 working days from the receipt of the returned goods in our warehouse, to allow the client to place a claim against the courier for the damaged merchandise (if insured) in this case the product will remain at the availability of the buyer for the product to be returned to, which at the same time will cancel the right to recede.
  • Infancybaby is not responsible for any damages, theft or lost merchandise that has been returned by uninsured shipping.
  • At the time of receipt in our warehouse the returned merchandise will be examined for any damage or manipulations not resulting by cause of transportation. In the case that the merchandise results ruined, Infancybaby will retain a required percentage, not superior to 10% of the value, as a charge for original condition replacement.

4.With the exception of cost for original condition replacement for damages to the original packaging, Infancybaby will totally refund the fully paid amount within 14 days of receipt of merchandise, with refund on credit card or wired by bank, in this last case the client must furnish immediately the bank coordinates in order to receive a refund such as ABI – CAB – Checking Account Number of the purchaser.

5.The right to recede will be totally nullified if the essential condition of integrity of the returned item such as the box and its contents have been comprimised, in these cases Infancybaby will examine:

  • Non diligent use of the goods that have compromised the integrity of the product or use of the goods
  • The absence of the original external box and or the original external wrappings.
  • The absence of integral elements of the product such as accessories, cables, manuals, parts etc..
  • Damages to the product for causes other than damages due to transportation.

In the case of loss of the right to recede, the merchandise will remain at the Infancybaby warehouse for the client to pick up at the clients own expense.