Terms and Conditions

1. Application Area. Definitions.

1.1 The contract between Infancybaby and the Customer must be considered concluded with the acceptance, even if partial, of the order from infancybaby. This acceptance is tacit, if not communicated in any way to the customers. Making an order online, the customer declares to have seen all the information given to him during the purchase and to accept all the general conditions and those which concern the payment written in the following steps.

1.2 If the customer is a consumer (that is to say a physical beign who buys products not for commercial purposes),once he has made the purchase online, he has to print or save the copy of the order and the following general conditions of sale, according to the art. 3 and 4 of Italian Legislation 185/1999 on sales on distance.

1.3 Each right of the customer to a rembursement or compension is exclued, as well as each contractual or extracontractual responsability for direct and indirect damages to people or thing caused by the lack of acceptance, even partial, of an order.


2. Purchase Methods

2.1 Customer can only buy products that he sees at the moment of purchase online visiting the website: infancybaby.co.uk which are widely described in their own sheet.The image that the customer finds inside the sheet is only approximate.It can be different for colour,dimensions and accessories.

2.2. An order can be considered successful when the customer receives through the e mail address he gives to infancybaby a receipt of the order itself. This receipt contains the date and the time during which the order has been made and the number of the order which the customer can use in each communication with infancybaby. The receipt also shows all the personal data written by the customer who should check that everything is correct and immediately communicate possible corrections

2.3 In case of lack of acceptance, infancybaby guarantees an immediate communication to the customer.

2.4 The cost of each product on infancybaby.co.uk, which is shown next to each product, includes Vat. Shipping costs can be seen automatically during the order, after having put products in the cart, before making the payment.


3. Payment Methods

3.1 Bank Transfer

In case of Bank Transfer option, all information regarding the sellers account will be automatically furnished at the time of purchase.The customer's order will be held until the receipt of funds and a copy of the bank transfer made, should be sent to infanziabimbo via fax or through email in no more than 3 days after having made the order. If the payment isn't made in the expected time, the order will be automatically deleted.The merchandise will be shipped only when the entire amount is validated on infancybaby account.

Coordinates for the Bank Transfer are:

Iban: IT47Y0200840251000401318092
Account holder: 1 INFANZIABIMBO SRL

Swift Code: UNCRITM1629


The details of the Bank Transfer must show:

• The order number;
• The date of the order;
• First and Last name of the buyer

To whom who intend to make an extra Europe Bank Transfer(which means a bank transfer made from places which do not belong to the European Union),it's necessary to know that any bank costs and charges should be paid by the remitter, otherwise the purchase will be considered not completely paid.


3.2 Payment by Credit Card

Payment will be debited for the total amount of the purchase directly on the customer credit card account. The customer will fill out the proper form created by Pay Pal for the purchase where the information regarding the credit card such as the number of the card and expiration date, can be entered. The payment system by credit card or prepaid card is guaranteed by the Pay Pal secure server. Infancybaby will never know the information of the buyers credit card, which are transmitted on a protected connection. No archive will conserve such information. Therefore in no case can infancybaby be held responsible for eventual fraudulent use of the credit card by a third part, when a payment is made for products on infancybaby.

3.4 C.O.D Cash on Delivery

Choosing C.O.D. as method of payment, the payment will be made only cash when the merchandise is received.Cheques are not allowed.Payment in C.O.D. has a 5,90 Euro surcharge for handling of funds. The client will be notified of which courier will be making the delivery as specified on the website. Nothing more than the total amount indicated at time of order is due by the client.


4. Shipping


4.1 Shipping to Uk and Ireland

Shipping costs is FREE on all orders over £130, If order is under £130, a delivery charge of 6.99 £ or 11.00 £ will be applied according to the weight. Delivery time changes between 1-5 working days.

Pay attention: all the orders that contains even one product of the following categories: Chest of Drawers, Wardrobe, Dresser, which need to be sent through a wooden platform, will be shipped through the TNT courier and shipping cost changes according the weight.



4.2 Shipping to Europe

Shipping to Italy with Bartolini courier

Delivery time in Italy changes between 1-2 working days. Shipping cost is estimated considering the total amount of the order. Here you find costs:

Total of the Order
Shipping Cost
£ 0-110£ 5.90
£ 150+Free

Shipping to Europe

The shipping to Europe can be done with the following couriers: GLS, UPS and TNT, with different shipping costs the couriers will be put in the basket according to the chosen products.

Delivery Time to Europe is 1-3 working days, for the islands and disadvantaged places it will take 1 or 2 more days. 

The courier GLS will be chosen for orders with a maximum weight of 10 Kgs, which are not paid on delivery; for orders with a higher weight or on delivery will be suggested UPS.

Pay attention:orders which contain even one product of the following categories: Chest of Drawers, Dresser, Wardrobe, which need to be sent through a wooden platform, will be shipped through the TNT courier and shipping cost changes according to the weight.



Shipping Costs Ups

NationsPrices GLS
(Up to 10KG)
Prices UPSFree Shipping GLS e UPS
Austria£ 6,99£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 130£
Belgium£ 6,99£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 130£
Bulgaria£ 12,00£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Cyprus£ 12,00£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Croatia£ 12,00£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Denmark£ 12,00£ 11,00 FREE on all orders over 170£
Estonia£ 12,00£ 15,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Finland£ 12,00£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 170£
France£ 6,99£ 11,00 FREE on all orders over 130£
Germany£ 6,99£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 130£
Greece£ 12,00£ 15,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Latvia£ 12,00£ 15,00 FREE on all orders over 170£
Lithuania£ 12,00£ 15,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Luxembourg£ 6,99£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 130£
The Netherlands£ 6,99£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 130£
Poland£ 12,00£ 15,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Portugal£ 6,99£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 130£
Czech Republic£ 12,00£ 15,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Romania£ 12,00£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Slovakia£ 12,00£ 15,00 FREE on all orders over 170£
Slovenia£ 12,00£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Spain£ 6,99£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 130£
Sweden£ 12,00£ 11,00FREE on all orders over 170£
Hungary£ 12,00£ 15,00FREE on all orders over 170£


Shipping To Europe with the TNT courier

Orders which contain even one product of the following categories: Chest of Drawers, Dresser, Wardrobe, which need to be sent through a wooden platform, will be shipped through the TNT courier and shipping cost changes according to the weight. To see the shipping cost it is necessary to put the products into the cart and choose the destination.


Shipping Process

4.3 Infancybaby makes the shipment the same day of the order, but it has to be made by 12.00 o' clock of a working day, all the products must be available, and the payment should be done through credit card or COD. If you find the caption "available in 25 working days", it means that the product is not available at the moment in our warehouse and it has to be ordered to the company which produces it. Delivery Time is only approximate for those products and we are not charged with respecting them.

If you choose available products + products which have to be ordered, you will receive all the products in only one shipment.

Here you find some simple rules to follow at the moment of delivery:

  • When the products are delivered, the customer is responsible to check that the number of boxes correspond to the number of boxes specified on the shipping document.
  • Ensure that the description of content on the boxes, effectively corresponds to the description indicated on the shipping document.
  • Ensure that the packaging is not damaged and is perfectly sealed, and not altered in any way. Eventual damages to the packaging and/or the product, or the delivery of an incorrect amount of boxes, and package descriptions that are inconsistent with the ones specified on the shipping documents, must be immediately mentioned to the courier and annotated in the space under RISERVA DI CONTROLLOorANNOTATION for proof of discrepancies, noting the specific reasons of complaint. Once the shipping document is signed, the client can no longer make any further claims on the exterior conditions of the consigned merchandise.

Infancybaby is not responsible for the absence of merchandise received in damaged packaging without having the courier annotate the damages on the delivery documents. Within three days of delivery the buyer must notify us of eventual problems regarding the delivery, such as if the product has any missing parts or details regarding the inherent quality of the products received, the client must notify us of all details by sending an e-mail to customer service at: [email protected]; for damaged merchandise it is necessary to e-mail the details along with digital pictures to evaluate the damage.

In the case the courier cannot deliver the merchandise or the merchandise is sitting in the couriers storage for over five days and the client does not come to pick it up the order will be automatically canceled and the customer must pay shipping costs of £17.00 for single products, £50.00 for products shipped through wooden platform.


5. Returns

5.1 According to Italian law art. 5 DL 185/1999, if the client is a physical person and not a commercial client and does not indicate a Vat number in the order, the client has  the right to recede from the purchase contract for any reason, without giving any explanations and without penalty, except for the what is indicated in the following points 3 and 5.

5.2 To use the right to recede, the client must send a communication to Infancybaby within ten days of receipt of merchandise. The communication must be sent through registered mail with return receipt and sent to:

Via Vignariello 90,
80049 Somma Vesuviana (NA)

Otherwise by telegram or fax sent within 14 days of receipt of merchandise and followed by confirmation with registered mail with receipt confirmation within the following 48 hours. Once Infancybaby receives the communication of the right to recede, the customer service of Infancybaby will rapidly communicate to the client the instructions on how to return the merchandise that must be returned to Infancybaby within 10 days of authorization.
The merchandise must be returned fully, complete of all its parts and in the original packaging (bags and boxes),and enclosures, free from wear and use, and in good and clean condition and in respect to the following conditions 3 and 5.

5.3 The right to recede is ruled by the following conditions:

  • The right is applied toward the whole product purchased, and it is not possible to recede only for part of the product, for example software disks, parts and accessories, attachments etc..
  • The right cannot be applied to audio and video products or sealed software products including one attached to hardware products once open.
  • The purchased product must be returned in whole and in its original packaging, complete of all its parts and wrappings, manuals and documentation, accessories, cords etc.. In order to limit damage to the original packing, we recommend placing the items complete with original box inside another box to avoid damage to the original packaging, in any case it is prohibited to place adhesive labels or tape on the original box.
  • According to law the cost of returning the purchase is at the buyers expense, the cost of shipping to the client will not be reimbursed nor will any accessory expenses stipulated at time of purchase.
  • The shipping is under the entire responsibility of the buyer, when we receive the returned merchandise in our warehouse, we will give notice of receipt to the buyer.
  • In the case of any damage during transit, Infancybaby will give notice within 5 working days from the receipt of the returned goods in our warehouse, to allow the client to place a claim against the courier for the damaged merchandise (if insured) in this case the product will remain at the availability of the buyer for the product to be returned to, which at the same time will cancel the right to recede.
  • Infancybaby is not responsible for any damages, theft or lost merchandise that has been returned by uninsured shipping.
  • At the time of receipt in our warehouse the returned merchandise will be examined for any damage or manipulations not resulting by cause of transportation. In the case that the merchandise results ruined, Infancybaby will retain a required percentage, not superior to 10% of the value, as a charge for original condition replacement.

5.4 With the exception of cost for original condition replacement for damages to the original packaging, Infancybaby will totally refund the fully paid amount within 14 days of receipt of merchandise, with refund on credit card or wired by bank, in this last case the client must furnish immediately the bank coordinates in order to receive a refund such as ABI – CAB – Checking Account Number of the purchaser.

5.5 The right to recede will be totally nullified if the essential condition of integrity of the returned item such as the box and its contents have been comprimised, in these cases Infancybaby will examine:

  • Non diligent use of the goods that have compromised the integrity of the product or use of the goods
  • The absence of the original external box and or the original external wrappings.
  • The absence of integral elements of the product such as accessories, cables, manuals, parts etc..
  • Damages to the product for causes other than damages due to transportation.

In the case of loss of the right to recede, the merchandise will remain at the Infancybaby warehouse for the client to pick up at the clients own expense.


6. Warranty

6.1   All products sold by Infancybaby are covered by the conventional guarantee of the manufacturer and by a 24 month guarantee for conformity defects in regards to the Italian law DL 24/02. In order to receive assistance provided by the guarantee, the client must conserve the invoice.
Use of the guarantee may require the items being serviced at authorized service centers present within the territory and/or follow the instructions illustrated in the documentation furnished inside the box along with the product.

6.2 The conventional manufacturers guarantee is available according to the instructions furnished with the product on the inside of the packaging. In the case the product is serviced at an authorized service center , and the problem is not covered by the conventional guarantee, the client will be charged eventual costs of verification and repair by the authorized service center, plus shipping costs if paid by Infancybaby.

6.3 In reference to the Italian Law DL 24/02 the guarantee is applied to a product the manifests defects of product conformity, as long as the product was used correctly and for the use and reasons it was designed for as specified in the technical documentation supplied with the product. Such a guarantee is reserved to private clients and not business clients such as clients that furnish an Vat number at time of purchase. In the case of defect of conformity, Infancybaby will provide without cost to the client, the return to conformity of the product through repair or substitution or through reduction in price until the issue is resolved. If after a repair done by an authorized service center the problem results not to be a conformity issue in regards to Italian law DL 24/02, the client will be charged eventual service costs of verification and repair requested by the authorized service center and costs of shipping if paid by Infancybaby.

6.4 For replacements in case of DOA (Dead on Arrival: non functioning product on arrival) will be made only if replacements have been expressly guaranteed by the manufacturer. The time of replacement or repair of the product depends exclusively on the policies of the manufacturer.

6.5 For any reason that a product under guarantee cannot be rendered to a client either replaced or repaired, Infancybaby may act on its own discretion to refund the price of the item taking into consideration eventual wear and use of the item, or replace the item with a similar or better product.

6.6 The time required for repairs or replacement of the product depends exclusively on the manufactures policy and no damages may be claimed to Infancybaby for eventual late repairs or replacements.

6.7 In the case that the guarantee allows the return of the product, the product must be returned in its original packaging, complete of all parts and pieces including eventual documentation and accessories such as manuals, cords, etc..; to limit damages to the original box we suggest that you place it inside another box, as to prevent damage to the original box, it is also prohibited to apply adhesive labels or tape to the original box.


7. Approval

7.1 The seller declares that all products showed in the catalogue follow the standards and are in compliance with the rules of the European Community. The seller doesn't respond of possible differences compared to the standards of other Countries which do not belong to the European Community and to their lack of validation about the products in these countries.


8. Privacy

8.1. Personal data required during the order are used only to satisfy needs of the customer and they will never be given to third parts. Infancybaby follow the code of the privacy referred to the Italian Legislation 196 of 30.06.03 as concerning the treatment of personal data.The owner of the treatment of personal data is Infancybaby vignariello 90 street, 80049 Somma Vesuviana, (NA) Italy.


9. Complaints

9.1 Each possible complaint should be done to Infancybaby vignariello street 90, 80049 Somma Vesuviana (NA) Italy, within 07 days after the arrival of the products.


10. Applicable Local Regulations

10.1 The sale contract between the customer and Infancybaby is concluded in Italy and it is regulated by the Italian Law. In case of civil and penal disputes, everything will be solved by the authorities of the place of residence if the customer is a consumer, otherwise everything will be solved by the authorities of Naples.