1. All products sold by Infancybaby are covered by the conventional guarantee of the manufacturer and by a 24 month guarantee for conformity defects in regards to the Italian law DL 24/02. In order to receive assistance provided by the guarantee, the client must conserve the invoice.
Use of the guarantee may require the items being serviced at authorized service centers present within the territory and/or follow the instructions illustrated in the documentation furnished inside the box along with the product.

2.The conventional manufacturers guarantee is available according to the instructions furnished with the product on the inside of the packaging. In the case the product is serviced at an authorized service center , and the problem is not covered by the conventional guarantee, the client will be charged eventual costs of verification and repair by the authorized service center, plus shipping costs if paid by Infancybaby.

In reference to the Italian Law DL 24/02 the guarantee is applied to a product the manifests defects of product conformity, as long as the product was used correctly and for the use and reasons it was designed for as specified in the technical documentation supplied with the product. Such a guarantee is reserved to private clients and not business clients such as clients that furnish an Vat number at time of purchase. In the case of defect of conformity, Infancybaby will provide without cost to the client, the return to conformity of the product through repair or substitution or through reduction in price until the issue is resolved. If after a repair done by an authorized service center the problem results not to be a conformity issue in regards to Italian law DL 24/02, the client will be charged eventual service costs of verification and repair requested by the authorized service center and costs of shipping if paid by Infancybaby.

For replacements in case of DOA (Dead on Arrival: non functioning product on arrival) will be made only if replacements have been expressly guaranteed by the manufacturer. The time of replacement or repair of the product depends exclusively on the policies of the manufacturer.

For any reason that a product under guarantee cannot be rendered to a client either replaced or repaired, Infancybaby may act on its own discretion to refund the price of the item taking into consideration eventual wear and use of the item, or replace the item with a similar or better product.

The time required for repairs or replacement of the product depends exclusively on the manufactures policy and no damages may be claimed to Infancybaby for eventual late repairs or replacements.

In the case that the guarantee allows the return of the product, the product must be returned in its original packaging, complete of all parts and pieces including eventual documentation and accessories such as manuals, cords, etc..; to limit damages to the original box we suggest that you place it inside another box, as to prevent damage to the original box, it is also prohibited to apply adhesive labels or tape to the original box.